Monday, April 23, 2012

Uncle Mike!

Dear Charli,
The first Sunday after you were born was a treat! Your mommy's uncle Mike, Poppy's twin brother, came to visit. It was a treat because he lives far away in Hawaii and was in San Antonio for a class with the Army. He arrived on Sunday morning and as soon as Poppy got out of church they headed to San Antonio to see you.
They also brought our dear friends, the Wilcox Family. You have so many people who already love you so much! All of them are anxious to have you home to love and hug!

Your first visit from Uncle Mike:

Uncle Mike also brought presents from Hawaii! This photo was taken much later but it was the first time your Mommy brought you some of your own clothes to try on. Uncle Mike and Aunt Debbie gave you and your Mommy matching Hawaiian sun dresses. We are anxious to get you home and take photos of you and Mommy in your matching dresses!

I think you are the prettiest baby I have ever seen!

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