Thursday, April 5, 2012

Looking Back

Dear Charli,

In August, 2011, our little family's world turned in a completely different direction. While a pregnancy at that time was not what we had hoped or planned for your Mommy, that was the news she shared was to be. We thought we had years before thinking about preparing for grandchildren. Since that day, your mommy has grown so much and touched my heart in so many ways.

When it sunk in that I was going to be a grandmother, I began to grow very excited about you. I began to  consider possible "grandma" names you could call me. I began to imagine whether you'd be a boy or a girl. I dreamed of reading stories together, teaching you about Jesus, and secretly hoped you would be a girl.

In October I went with your mommy to her ultrasound hoping it would reveal a girl. After that appointment I began to dream of future tea parties, shopping, PINK, painting nails, frilly dresses, bows, and oh so many girly things we'd one day do together.

Still dreaming of all things girly and pink,

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