Saturday, April 7, 2012

Duodenal Atresia

Dear Charli,
On January 24, 2012, I took your Mommy to her first appointment in San Antonio where she met Dr. Huff. Dr. Huff would continue to see you every other week through ultrasounds where he would measure you, measure the amount of fluid in your Mommy's womb, monitor your heartbeats, and see if your "double bubble" changed...all through ultrasounds. It was so awesome to see you move and develop on those monitors. Dr. Huff laughed at the term "double bubble" and said it's not really a bubble at all, and that it doesn't contain any air. He confirmed the duodenal atresia diagnosis and explained that a portion of your intestines had not developed or was blocked and that you could not digest food because nothing from your stomach could pass through until your intestines could be repaired. He explained surgery after you were born would be necessary.

Your Mommy and Dr. Huff:

 We learned that because you had duodenal atresia that you would also have a 30% chance of having Downs Syndrome. Your mommy began to research Downs Syndrome as well as the duodenal atresia. Dr. Huff never saw any signs of Downs in any further ultrasounds through the rest of your Mommy's pregnancy.

We continued to watch you grow through the ultrasounds and grew to love you more and more. Your Mommy would let me feel when you would kick her tummy and it was so cool to be able to feel you move around.

Dr. Huff introduced Mommy to Dr. Parker who she would begin to see in San Antonio every other week when she would go see Dr. Huff too. Now Mommy had a team of 3 doctors she saw for the rest of her pregnancy. They all took such great care of her and of you.

Your Mommy and Dr. Parker:

And the doctor who cared for Mommy from the beginning, Dr. Kirchner:

From the beginning, you have had the best care!

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