Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Home At Last!!!

Dear Charli,
It was Saturday, May 12 and the day was finally upon us that we could take you home!!! You passed your carseat test,

 you were tolerating bottle feeds and had been weaned off tube feedings, and you were maintaining your own body temperature and gaining weight. You were 8 weeks old and you were being released from the NICU! Your mommy, poppy, and I kept it a secret from everyone that you were coming home. Your family from Missouri were on their way to spend Mother's Day weekend with us but they thought they were going to visit you in the hospital and we didn't tell them they would be seeing you at home instead. Your church family would be surprised too, but Pastor Mitch was let in on the secret.

We were so excited to arrive at the NICU to prepare to take you home. Many of your NICU nurses dropped by your bay to tell you goodbye. Your mommy was so excited to tell you about going home that day:

One last bottle feeding before we put you in the car:

Your mommy let me get you dressed to go home while she finished everything she needed to do to take you home:

Ready for your next adventure!

LOVE the look on your face as we bundled you up, almost as if you knew excitement was coming!

Your nurse put you in a bassinette to wheel you downstairs with Mommy while I went to pull the car around:

Getting you ready to get in your Mommy's car:

Mommy secured you in your carseat:

And off we go!

First stop Grammy and Poppy's house to see POPPY!!!

To finally have you home was the answer to so many prayers and what a blessed blessed day that was!

A Grammy's Love

Dear Charli,
It seems my favorite pasttime these days includes this: