Thursday, October 24, 2013

Down Syndrome Awareness

In this month of Down Syndrome Awareness, I'm reminded of a day almost 2 years ago, well before the words Down Syndrome were in our everyday vocabulary and my daughter Heather was scheduled for a routine ultrasound. Though we did not hear the words Down Syndrome at all that day, we did hear other words that we learned meant there was an increased chance she'd have DS. As I've read articles and blog posts this... month about parents' experiences I'm very thankful for Heather's experiences under all her doctors' care. I'm particularly thankful for that day of the ultrasound when Heather's regular ob/gyn was off and she was just seeing the ultrasound tech. Whatever the ultrasound tech saw that day brought Heather's ob/gyn to the office to tell Heather personally what was seen and what it meant. I am thankful through all the doctors and care that not once did any of them pressure her to consider abortion and all of them honored her wishes not to have an amniocentesis with no pressure for that either. I know some believe in her shoes they would have wanted to know for sure and many would have chosen abortion rather than face the "burden of raising a child with DS." I know all our lives have been greatly affected and changed by the arrival of Charli, but a burden? Heavens No! A blessing always! #downsyndromeawareness

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