Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Grammy and Poppy

Dear Charli,

Although the NICU seemed a scary place with so many tiny babies who needed such special care, it was your home for almost 2 months. Your first home didn't get to be in a cradle at your mommy's bedside, it was in a specialized basinette high up off the floor attached to so many monitors and wires. I was so fearful of picking you up from your bed so most of my visits your mommy handed you to me or one of the nurses if she wasn't there. Most of the time I visited with your mommy, but a couple of times I was able to see you with Poppy. Those were such special moments, sharing our granddaughter and getting to know you. What a sweet sweet baby you are, and how very much we love you. My heart melts anew when Poppy looks at you, and when you look back at him, there are just no words to describe what my heart does. You have stolen our hearts for certain.

We love you,

Grammy and Poppy

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